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Barb Johnson

Brian J. (Brian's best friend)

Brian's mom had a heart attack (March 30th). She has had two catherizations and should be doing ok with some therapy. (5/3)

Barb Johnson
2714 5th Ave.
Altoona, PA 16602

Margret Ebert

Brian J.

Brian's grandmother just started chemotherapy (April 1st) for ovarian cancer.

Army Cpl. Jonathan Macdonald


Jonathan was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma in January 2002, shortly before he was scheduled to depart for combat operations in Afghanistan.

Annie Chocklas

John's mother, Denise

Annie is 14 and goes to school with John Stewart's sister. She's been battling with a type of cancer that hit her spine for many years.

Laura Kurtinecz


Laura, age 38, is the sister of Karla's good friend, Donna Fenicle. Laura has been in the hospital for 2.5 weeks for surgery for colon cancer. She has had 2 colostomies and is beginning chemo. Doctors have identified 3 different strains of cancer in her colon.

Mrs. Laura Kurtinecz
2040 Powderhorn Road
Middletown, PA 17057

Meg's grandmother


Meg, an Internet friend of Brian's, has been great talking with Jamin and me since Brian died. Her grandmother has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Lung Disease) and faces a very similar breathing situation as did Brian the last several days of his life.


Jim Meadows

(Brian's great-uncle; Aunt Margie's (a member of briansroom) husband

Mary Lou Suckling

Uncle Jim is facing traveling cancer cells that are now in his lungs as well as his liver and pancreas. We know there is no cure but he has started Chemo once a week (on Wed.) to try and give himself more time.

Will Seng

Karla Walker

**NEW Will is home after 3 weeks and surgery at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC.. Will is Karla's brother's best friend, and she has known him almost as long as her brother. Will's diagnosis is stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The prognosis is not good, but they are praying for a miracle. He is 45 year's old and has two young sons and his wife, Kathy.


Mr. Will Seng
10925 Show Pony Place
Damascus, MD 20872

Jeff Morris

Uncle Ray Morris

**NEW Jeff is now in a de-tox center in Buffalo. His sponsor called yesterday. (3/10) He will be there for 30 days and then transferred to another group home somewhere in Buffalo.

For years Jeff has been struggling with schizophrenia, drug and alcohol addiction. Last night (3/2) at 11:00 pm he left his group home to go to the store across the street and hasn't been heard of since.

Abby Verzella

Tom and Maureen Verzella (Abby's grandparents)

**NEW Abby is HOME...a week ahead of schedule and doing great ! She has gained 8 ozs. in 7 days and she is on the road to recovery.

Abby is almost 10 months old and having heart surgery today (Wed. March 5) She is in Tampa in St. Joseph's hospital.

sorry, but I couldn't find her address - it was on briansroom

John Stewart, Tiffany (his sister), and Denise (his mother)

Shari Drexler (Scott 's (another Ewing's patient) mother)

Osteosarcoma patient at Children's - Jon has lost 1 limb and 1 lung to the disease. Now, they just found another tumor in his lung pressing on his esophagus.

John Stewart
181 George Street
Rochester, PA 15074

Ryan Meadows

Aunt Margie

Ryan (Army) has just been deployed to the Middle East somewhere near Iraq.

Ryan Meadows
Unit 25

Brandon Meadows

Aunt Margie

US Navy stationed in Va Beach, but his fiance is also Navy and right now is serving on the USS Nimitz that is already headed for the middle east area.
Please pray for them and all the service personnel here and overseas.

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