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Just as important as raising money in the fight against childhood cancer is raising awareness of the need for this funding and research by competent, caring doctors.

Issy may be able to help!

Having had experience as an elementary teacher with Flat Stanley and other traveling "friends," I thought the idea might be a perfect way to spread the word about the need for childhood cancer research.

Please help Issy spread the word far and wide. We will be posting pictures here of places Issy has traveled spreading the word about the need for chidhood cancer research. Please help us by sending pictures of Issy and describing where he is.If you can't send a picture of Issy in a particular location, just tell me where he is and I'll add that to our list. I will post them as quickly as I can.

<3 Dawn

Order Issy

Issy first traveled to IUP with Jamin to visit with Brian's best friend Brian Johnson.

Issy also had the chance to chat with Tirion (Geo), another one of Brian's terrific friends.
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Issy traveled to Macy's (Geo's sister) classroom at McAuliffe Heights Elementary school in Altoona, PA. Photo coming soon!
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Issy accompanied Mrs. Morden's K-2 students on their community fieldtrip including an exciting visit to the Horseshoe Curve. Photo coming soon if permissions are granted.



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