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Would you like to simplify the holidays, experience the true meaning of Christmas, and/or help fight childhood cancer?

Issy may be able to help!

And he puzzled three hours,
'till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before!
"Maybe Christmas," he thought,
"doesn't come from a store.
Maybe Christmas ... perhaps ...
means a little bit more!"


Consider the following from the Center for a New American Dream,

"The commercialized holiday culture encourages every one to focus on getting stuff, for our kids and ourselves. But many religious traditions instruct us that true joy and purpose come from focusing on the needs of others. This year, consider more gifts of charity that touch the hearts and lives of people who are less privileged."

The Brian Morden Foundation has created "Issy" to help make a difference. All proceeds from the sale of Issy will go to help fund Ewing's Sarcoma research.
"Issy" costs $10.
Please consider:

1. Adopting Issy for someone else. We'll send him to a cancer patient at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, a Ewing's sarcoma patient you may know or on our list, any childhood cancer patient. (A card with your name will be sent along with Issy to indicate to the recipient that Issy was purchased especially for them.)

2. Purchasing Issy for a loved one who would enjoy a cuddly bear.

3. Using Issy to be a gift card holder for a loved.

4. Adopting Issy for yourself. He's SO cuddly!

Blankets are made of two layers of fleece - royal blue with the BMF logo, and the following 3 different patterns which vary for each blanket.


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Issy is $10 plus shipping.

Issy with Sheep blanket


Issy with Rainbow/
Music Notes


Issy with Nautical blanket


Please indicate below what you'd like to do with your "Issy" bears:
  • Adopt Issy for someone else. If you have a preference as to where/to whom you'd like us to send Issy, please indicate here: Quantity

    We will include a card with your name and the following information when we mail Issy to a childhood cancer patient unless you ask us not to.

    Are you adopting Issy to honor or in memory of someone? YES NO

    We'd like to include this information on our website. If this is OK with you, please complete the following:

    • Issy is being adopted to give to a childhood cancer patient in honor of
  • in memory of

    Given with love from

  • Purchase an Issy gift card holder (sorry, but you'll have to purchase the gift card separately!) Quantity

  • Adopt Issy for yourself or a loved one. Quantity

Total Quantity should be equal to the quantities chosen for the different types of blankets!





Email address


More about Issy

Help Issy spread the word about the need for childhood cancer research!


An email will be sent to you confirming your order and giving you instructions for payment.
Thank you for your support of the Brian Morden Foundation and its work helping kids.

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