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The Brian Morden Foundation was created to honor Brian, a courageous 19 year old, who battled Ewing's Sarcoma for more than two years. He lost the battle on February 15, 2003, but his family, friends, and many others who only knew Brian by reputation have vowed to continue the fight against this horrible disease.

The foundation has three goals:

  • Fund Ewing's Sarcoma and childhood cancer research.
  • Support patients, family, and staff of pediatric oncology units*
  • Provide funding for "Brian Morden Memorial" higher education scholarships

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Join the Brian Morden Foundation as we observe
National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month,
spotlighting just how important raising funds and awareness
for childhood cancer remains.

Cancer continues to be the leading cause of death by disease in children in the United States.

In 2017, three of our local young people, Maddie, Emma, and Kiera, passed away.

In 2018, the Brian Morden Foundation was made aware of 4 more local children, Kaylee, Liam, Amelia, and Ava, who were diagnosed with cancer. 

During the first eight months of 2019, Harper, Rory, and Rebecca – all local children – were diagnosed with cancer and 4 year old Amelia Sharer passed away after a courageous struggle to survive her cancer. 

Unfortunately, we know there are even more. In memory of all children who lost their earthly battle to cancer and in honor of all children who battle cancer, help us collect change for a change this September.  Here are 15+ ways people can help us fight back. 

  1. Attend the HAHS vs. AAHS Gold Ribbon Game on August 23rd– 7 PM.
    Change for a change initiative begins.
  2. Attend our kick-off event for National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
    at the Altoona Curve game on August 29, 2019.
  3. Join the Brian Morden Foundation team of Alex's Million Mile!Again this year teams around the world log all the miles they run, walk or ride and together so that we will reach 1 million miles for childhood cancer awareness.
  4. Wear a gold ribbon all month to show your support of children with cancer – organizations, businesses, individuals may order quantities of ribbons at dbjmorden@brianmordenfoundation.org
  5. Dine out all month to help fight childhood cancer – find restaurant coupons on our Facebook page that will donate a portion of your bill’s amount to the BMF. Please take a careful look at the dates! Chili’s Chipotle, Applebee’s, Jethro’s, Outback,
    and Papa John’s all month.
  6. Attend Bellwood’s Gold Ribbon Game in memory of Maddie Shura and in honor of all of our children who battle cancer – September 6th
  7. Attend the September 11thAltoona City Council meeting where a proclamation announcing National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Gold Ribbon Day
    in Altoona will be read.
  8. Attend the September 12th Hollidaysburg Borough Council meeting where a proclamation announcing National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and
    Gold Ribbon Day in Hollidaysburg will be read.
  9. September 19th– Attend the Erin Dodson Memorial Scholarship Volleyball Game
    at AAHS
  10. Support the Amelia M. Sharer Foundation by attending their Muddie Buddies event on 9/21
  11. Charity Pre-Sale at Treasured Once Again - BMF is the designated charity this year!
    Wednesday, September 25th, 5-9 PM at the Jaffa Mosque
  12. Attend the AAHS Gold Ribbon Game on September 27th at Mansion Park – 7 PM. Winning schools of the Go for the Gold Campaign will be announced.
  13. Have fun at Urban Air on September 28th.
    If you donate to the BMF, you’ll receive a $5 off coupon.
  14. Be inspired by our local children who fought or are fighting cancer. Check out the displays at the Altoona Are Public Library and be inspired to make a difference for children fighting childhood cancer. 
  15. If you don't already, follow the BMF on Facebookand look for updates on the Brian Morden Foundation website.
  16. Give to the BMF to fund research to find better treatments and cures!

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This September we again spotlight YOU!

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and ALL children with cancer are in the spotlight, but the BMF decided to also spotlight YOU since you are instrumental in our fight against childhood cancer by raising funds and awareness.

YOU are so important to our children with cancer. You have already:

  •     Donated money for research, gas cards for transportation costs, and “treats” for Brian Bags that bring a smile to our local children’s faces
  •   Walked miles as members of the Brian Morden Foundation Team of Alex’s Million Mile project to help bring awareness to the fight against childhood cancer
  •  Donated your time to organize and/or attend Brian Morden Foundation fundraising and/or awareness events
  •  Supported fundraisers for specific local children with cancer
  •      Prayed for our children and their families, sent cards and encouraging words, grieved with us when the fight was lost here on earth

*At our annual board meeting on Brian's birthday (1/10/18),
the BMF Board created BMF CARES Spotlight, a program that hopes to shine a light on our
Children with Cancer, Raise Awareness, and Provide Funds for Research, Education, and Support for children with cancer and their families.

Look for our children in the spotlight! The Brian Morden Foundation will provide information about that child as well as the type of childhood cancer with which they were diagnosed. Families may suggest an organization or individual researcher to whom they’d like the BMF to send a $1000 donation in honor of their child for the purpose of research or support to children with cancer and their families.

You can find more information about our children at the BMF CARES Spotlight page.

For more information or to donate to the Brian Morden Foundation, please contact Dawn Morden, president of the BMF at dbjmorden@brianmordenfoundation.org or 814-946-9369. Contributions may also be made at the Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation or here on the BMF website at http://brianmordenfoundation.org/support.html.

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Brian Morden Memorial Scholarships - 2019
Ian Brannan, Morgan Fleck
Aidan Hendrickson, cancer survivor
Congratulations, Ian, Morgan, and Aidan!

Thanks Grammy (and PopPop) for your yearly birthday gift to Brian
and the BMF, ensuring that we will be able to award
a Brian Morden Memorial Scholarship. 

Thank you to those who organized and participated
in the Erin Dodson Scholarship Fund Basket Raffle in September 2018
and others who have generously given so that we will be able to award
additional scholarships this year.

Erin Dodson Memorial Scholarship - 2019
Isabella Zavalanski
Congratulations, Isabella!

Congratulations, Isaiah Barnes!
Winner of the Brian Morden Foundation
Childhood Cancer Survivor Award

For our college students: Support for College Students with Cancer

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February 15, 2018 - Fifteen years later, still remembering Brian, his life,
and those he loved who continue to support local children with cancer,
  pediatric oncology units at PA Children's Hospitals, award higher education scholarships, 
and fund promising research studies through
The Brian Morden Foundation.

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The Brian Morden Foundation and Alex's Lemonade Stand
Team Up to Fund Childhood Cancer Research

February 15, 2016
13 years after Brian passed away from Ewing’s Sarcoma, cancer has not won the battle. Brian’s legacy continues through the lives of many others. The Brian Morden Foundation is excited and grateful to be able to announce a partnership with Alex’s Lemonade Stand.
Initially, we will be helping to fund a promising research study by John Bushweller, PhD, of the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Cancer WILL NOT win.

For more information, please see the press release.

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Happy 35th Birthday, Brian
Brian in 1984

January 10, 1984


Please sign our guestbook to help us celebrate his life.

Free Guestbook from Bravenet

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YOU can make a difference
in the lives of the innocent children and families
who have to suffer with this horrendous disease.

Some suggestions from the Brian Morden Foundation:

Send cards to children with cancer. Contact the BMF for addresses.

Donate to the Brian Morden Foundation through our website.
You will be helping to fight back against childhood cancer.

Adopt "Issy" to send to a childhood cancer patient, give to a loved one, or keep for yourself.

Help Issy spread the word about the need for childhood cancer research!

Support the BMF through the purchase of an ornament or other merchandise

Attend any upcoming BMF event! 

Please see our National Childhood Cancer Awareness page to find out more.

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*Brian was lovingly cared for at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, the initial focus of the second BMF goal. We still plan to contribute in important ways to the oncology unit there, however, we have expanded our outreach with Brian Baskets and "Issy" bears, sending them to other pediatric cancer patients especially to those in the Altoona Area, Janet Weis Children's Hospital in Geisinger, Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey, and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where some of our area children are being treated. We have also tried to brighten up the day for some children from the Ewing's Sarcoma list serv. If you know a child with cancer who could use a "pick-me-up," please contact us at fdj@brianmordenfoundation.org. We hope to be able to help as many pediatric oncology patients as possible.

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