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The Brian Morden Foundation was created to honor Brian, a courageous 19 year old, who battled Ewing's Sarcoma for more than two years. He lost the battle on February 15, 2003, but his family, friends, and many others who only knew Brian by reputation have vowed to continue the fight against this horrible disease.

The foundation has three goals:

  • Fund Ewing's Sarcoma and childhood cancer research.
  • Support patients, family, and staff of pediatric oncology units*
  • Provide funding for "Brian Morden Memorial" higher education scholarships

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The Brian Morden Foundation mourns the passing of
Kaylee Kruise, one of our "BMF kids." Kaylee will be our
Spring 2021 BMF CARES Spotlight so you can learn more
about how she inspired many.

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Click here for 2021 Scholarship Applications 
due March 21, 2021

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Thanks Grammy (and PopPop) for your yearly birthday gift to Brian

and the BMF, ensuring that we will be able to award
a Brian Morden Memorial Scholarship.

Thank you to others who have generously given
so that we will be able to award
a second Brian Morden Memorial Scholarship,

an Erin Dodson Memorial Scholarship,
and awards for our BMF survivors again this year.

For our college students: Support for College Students with Cancer

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Researchers report progress in their projects 

In January 2020, the Brian Morden Foundation presented a $35,000 check to Kelly Bailey, MD, PhD. Dr. Bailey is a physician scientist at the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. This donation was made possible because of the success of “Keira’s Dream … a concert to benefit the Brian Morden Foundation,” which was held in December 2019. Dr. Bailey’s clinical and research focus is on the adolescent bone tumor Ewing sarcoma, the type of cancer that took Brian Morden’s life. The goal of Dr. Bailey’s work is to discover more effective treatment combinations for patients with metastatic or relapsed Ewing sarcoma. Currently, Dr. Bailey is preparing two manuscripts for publication to share her findings and to collaborate with others in the field. For more information, please see this summary.

In addition, The Brian Morden Foundation continued their partnership with Philadelphia based Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) in the fight against childhood cancer. 

In September 2019, during National Childhood Cancer Month, the BMF was thrilled to be able to present a check to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to co-fund two projects.  The year 2019 was significant for both Brian Morden Foundation’s co-founder/president Dawn Morden and vice-president Barbara Piper. Their sons (Brian Morden and Tim Piper), both born in 1984, would have been 35 in January and April respectively had their lives not been cut short by cancer. The Brian Morden Foundation Board of Directors chose to honor and remember Brian and Tim in a meaningful way using donor funds that were designated for research. The $35,000 donation was symbolic of the 35th birthdays Brian and Tim should have been celebrating. 

Dr. Ferrando and Dr. Mullighan, partners in the “Crazy 8 Initiative” representing Columbia University and St. Jude Children’s Hospital, recently sent a brief project update regarding platform development for target identification in high risk pediatric leukemias.

Dr. Javed Khan, M.D. from the National Institute of Health and a participant in the ALSF’s “Crazy 8 Initiative,” submitted a final report summary about his project “Targeting Fusion-Driven Sarcomas.” Dr. Khan anticipates the publication of information and data regarding this project and plans to continue to the next phase of his work.  

The Brian Morden looks forward to supporting these and other future promising research projects, several of which will be funded due to the generosity of a recent donation made in memory of Fred and Patricia Young. In addition to research, the Young donation enabled the BMF to provide gas cards to help with transportation costs to our local children and families battling childhood cancer. Easter for Eli baskets and filled Easter eggs provided by the Blair County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees were delivered along with the gas cards and Fourth of July Brian Bags. 

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February 15, 2016

13 years after Brian passed away from Ewing’s Sarcoma, cancer has not won the battle. Brian’s legacy continues through the lives of many others. The Brian Morden Foundation is excited and grateful to be able to announce a partnership with Alex’s Lemonade Stand.
Initially, we will be helping to fund a promising research study by John Bushweller, PhD, of the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Cancer WILL NOT win.

For more information, please see the press release.

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Happy 37th Birthday, Brian
Brian in 1984
January 10, 1984


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YOU can make a difference
in the lives of the innocent children and families
who have to suffer with this horrendous disease.

Some suggestions from the Brian Morden Foundation:

Send cards to children with cancer. Contact the BMF for addresses.

Donate to the Brian Morden Foundation through our website. 
You will be helping to fight back against childhood cancer.

Adopt "Issy" to send to a childhood cancer patient, give to a loved one, or keep for yourself.

Help Issy spread the word about the need for childhood cancer research!

Support the BMF through the purchase of merchandise.

Attend any upcoming BMF event!

Please see our National Childhood Cancer Awareness page to find out more.

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*Brian was lovingly cared for at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, the initial focus of the second BMF goal. We still plan to contribute in important ways to the oncology unit there, however, we have expanded our outreach with Brian Baskets and "Issy" bears, sending them to other pediatric cancer patients especially to those in the Altoona Area, Janet Weis Children's Hospital in Geisinger, Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey, and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where some of our area children are being treated. We have also tried to brighten up the day for some children from the Ewing's Sarcoma list serv. If you know a child with cancer who could use a "pick-me-up," please contact us at fdj@brianmordenfoundation.org. We hope to be able to help as many pediatric oncology patients as possible.

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